Wooden Bed

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रू 65,000.00
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Total Payment Amount:- Rs. 65,000/-

Initial Payment Amount:- Rs. 26,000.00/- (40%)

Total month in pay:- 6 Months

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Best Bed Designs

  • Size: Firstly, make sure that the bed you choose fits well in the room. It must be large enough to accommodate you and at the same time, should not make occupy the entire space. Depending on the size of the room and the number of persons, you can choose from a single bed, queen size double bed and king-size double bed.
  • Frame: A bed is a long-term investment. So, don’t settle for cheap materials that can easily break or crack in a few months. Consider sturdy wooden frames made with teak, plywood or even wrought iron which are durable.
  • Purpose: If the bed only for sleeping or do you intend to make it multi-functional? If yes, look for options like storage boxes, upholstered and slanting headboards for style and comfort.
  • Budget: Know your feasible price range and try to stay within. Give importance to quality and functionality over mere looks to get your money’s worth.

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