Hyundai Washing Machine (HYWM-FL10-DDDW) – Front Loading 10 Kg

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100% Full Dry ,7 Motion DD Inverter Motor, 10 Year Motor Warranty ,100% Copper Motor ,1400RPM,Quick 15 Wash,Less Noise ,Duarable Motor

Hyundai Front Loading Washer & Dryer 10Kg/6Kg – HYWM-FL10-DDDW

Hyundai Home Appliances & Electronics in Nepal

The use of direct drive technology in the Hyundai front load washing machine results in a machine that is both highly efficient and much quieter. Front direct drive does provide higher performance than a belt-driven washing machine of the same size and price. They are quieter, more energy-efficient, more cost-effective, and more robust. Hyundai Washing Machines are beautifully designed and packed with cutting-edge technology, and they are intended to improve your laundry experience both inside and out. The best part about this Hyundai Washing machine is that it comes with a dryer as well to dry the clothes easily. The Washing Machine price in Nepal for this washer with dryer model is 1,34,500.

Product Details:

Stylish Design That fits Perfectly

Hyundai Front Loading Washing Machine brings a  simple, classic layout to your space. Beautifully designed with loads of advanced innovations, Hyundai Washing Machines are designed to enhance your laundry experience inside and out.


Quick Wash Features

No need to worry about the immediate removal of stains. With the Stainwash program, one can remove stains that are even 2 days old. With a wash speed of more than 140 rotations per minute and spin speed up to 1400 rpm, sit back and enjoy the 15-minute quick wash feature.

quick wash


Inverter Direct Drive Motor

High-efficiency Inverter Direct Drive motors enhance washing performance and durability but without noise and vibration. Plus, the motors dissipate less energy, reducing electricity consumption.

7 Motion Wash

With Hyundai Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly connected to the drum without the use of a belt or pulley. As a result,7 Motion DD technology provides optimized motion combinations for each fabric type. So it delivers powerful washing performance with less damage. Select a wash program and 7 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.



Turbo Wash 

Turbo Wash makes use of a jet spray to significantly reduce washing times, create energy savings and deliver cleaner clothes. Spraying water directly onto fabrics, the spray enhances the exceptional washing performance of 7 Motion Direct Drive technology.


Stainless Steel Drum

The Stainless steel drum design is more durable and will provide you with better cleaning results, as well as provide enhanced protection and care for your clothes.

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